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its beats would alwaysSYNCHRONIZEwith my heartbeats

○ multifandom-- claim any songs!
○ maximum of 3 songs claims per user and 2 users per song.
○ mention full title of the song and the full band name/singer name/whatever please!
○ no drama.
○ put something like 'never say die!!' in your subject line if you read these.
○ grab and put the codes somewhere [in your journal] when I've accepted your claim(s), please? so you're not just wasting spaces.
○ eto, I'm kinda lazy in these days so the claim list might be just in order of alphabet. CTRL+F does help!
○ pixels from pixelpeach



A Little Piece Of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold ☁ havokpanda
Aimo by Nakajima Ai ☁ homunkulas
Aishiteru by Kourin ☁ xx_mirai
Anthem of the Angels by Breaking Benjamin ☁ feelingofdoubt
Bad Apple by Alstroemeria Records ☁ ranviers
Boys And Girls by LM.C ☁ xaciel
BUMP ON da STYLE by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D ☁ fliederschleier
Calling Out by Luna and Krystal ☁ visionarynotion
Cartoons and Forever Plans by Maria Taylor ☁ keenage
Cassis by the GazettE ☁ lifeisnyaa
Changes by Tupac ☁ date_masamune69
Code by Nishikido Ryo ☁ nekoshoujo
Complication (コンプリケイション) by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D ☁ fliederschleier
Continued Story by Kuroishi Hitomi ☁ darkmaya666
Crazy Dog by BIGBANG ☁ shiraishi_fan67
Detune by Hatsune Miku ☁ blue_paprika
Donten by DOES ☁ summer_sierra
DREAMS by NEWS ☁ silver881
Eiyuu by Doa ☁ summer_sierra
Every Time You Turn Around by Daughtry ☁ stunningsunrize
Feeling Good by Michael Buble ☁ homunkulas
foolish foolish by Matsushita Yuya ☁ daikiriffic
君と僕のフューチャー by Arioka Daiki ☁ daikiriffic
Gloria by YUI ☁ cielyshirou
Go Alone by CHEMISTRY ☁ stunningsunrize
Hair by Kis-My-Ft2 ☁ nierly
Hamburger Street by Katsuyuki Konishi ☁ osaka01
Hoshi wo Mezashite by NEWS ☁ nekoshoujo
HuH by 4minute ☁ battlelust
Human Nature by Michael Jackson ☁ mrpikolo
It has To Be You by Yesung ☁ visionarynotion
Just be Friends by Megurine Luka ☁ osakaxsun
Key to My Heart by Mai Kuraki ☁ stunningsunrize
Lion by Megumi Nakajima & May'n ☁ mionchan
Little Braver by GirlsDeadMonster ☁ xx_mirai
Mad world by Gary Jules ☁ homunkulas
Mama Africa by Funkist ☁ date_masamune69
Mein Gott by Atsushi Kousaka ☁ osaka01
Monster by Arashi ☁ shiraishi_fan67
OATH IN THE STORM by Kimeru ☁ anneko_mc
Oishii☆Tomato no Uta by Daisuke Namikawa ☁ osaka01
Never Say Die by YUI ☁ cielyshirou
Not Afraid by Eminem ☁ ranviers
Nothing Ever Hurt Like You by James Morrison ☁ starianprincess
Passenger seat by Death Cab for Cutie ☁ sometimesomeone
Pub & Go! by Noriaki Sugiyama ☁ haru_no_seishin
Ray of Light by Nakagawa Shouko ☁ xx_mirai
Resistance by Muse ☁ keenage
Roots of the King by TETRA-FANG ☁ shiraishi_fan67
Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold ☁ feelingofdoubt
SHARE by NEWS ☁ silver881
Speeding Cars by Imogen Heap ☁ niinzc
Stereo by Nishikido Ryo ☁ nekoshoujo
Synchronicity by Yuki Kajiura ☁ cielyshirou
Systematic People by WAGDUG FUTURISTIC UNITY ☁ date_masamune69
Stop for A Minute by Keane feat K'naan ☁ ranviers
星に願を by flumpool ☁ daikiriffic
Time Is Running Out by Papa Roach ☁ havokpanda
Tsukiakari by Rie fu ☁ darkmaya666
Ttok Ttok Ttok(똑똑똑) by 4men ☁ polareese
Tune the Rainbow by Maaya Sakamoto ☁ haru_no_seishin
Turn Around by Joo ☁ visionarynotion
Ultraviolet by The Stiff Dylans ☁ keenage
Where We Used To Play by AFI ☁ havokpanda
Without a Trace by the GazettE ☁ feelingofdoubt
World is Mine by Hatsune Miku ☁ haru_no_seishin
Young Adult Friction by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart ☁ battlelust
Zeta by Zektbach ☁ blue_paprika
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